10 Killer Dumbbell Bicep Curls to Blow Up Your Biceps

Do you want to get bigger arms with a dumbbell bicep curls workout?

Though your arms house your triceps and forearms, most males prefer to work on their biceps first.

While those other arm muscles are important for a fantastic overall physique, you can’t necessarily target one location in particular. Instead, you can focus on your muscles to get the cannonball arms you want.

That’s exactly what the following workout will do.

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10 Killer Dumbbell Forearm Workout

Have you been working on your arms and finding it difficult to stay motivated since your forearms aren’t looking the way you want them to?

Not only that, but they’re not as powerful as you’d like?

Don’t worry, I’ve got the perfect dumbbell forearm workout routine for you that will not only give you attractive forearms but will also help you strengthen your forearms.

Watch it on Youtube. 

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Killer Back and Bicep Workout

Are you looking for a back and bicep workout to build muscles?

Doing the back and biceps workout together is one of the common bodybuilding strategies because both are “pulling” groups of muscles and work together to perform different exercises.

Let’s bring everything together by laying out an effective workout plan that you can follow and do at home or the gym.

Let’s party! 👉 FULL VIDEO

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Why a 30 Minute Strength Training Program is Best

Guess what, today we got a great episode. I’m going to be sharing with you why a 30 minutes strength-based training program is the best. We have talked about so many different things in this channel, and why a 30 minutes strength-based training program.

Your body only has so much good at a peak level. Your ATP and CP pathways, alright, and it only has so much to give at peak performance. And you guys have looked at like your sprinters, versus your longer long-distance or endurance athletes. And everyone’s like, damn, and I really want that body, I want that body to look like, and you look at the sprinters, they have that nice, strong upper body, nice strong looking legs, and they’re really jacked and built.

They have worked and built-in, in training for that burst and the strength and the power. And that’s how they have that frame, endurance athletes, which are ones that obviously train for long periods of time, like hours upon hours upon hours, and their body is like to beanpole. There’s nothing against that, it’s just the fact that that’s how they’ve trained, that’s what they need their body to look like to perform at that level.

You couldn’t have like massive muscles and be running like 26 miles, it’s just you would, that’s why he would run it all off. They need their body frames to perform at that peak level. But when you’re trying to perform, and you’re trying to get the best out of strength training, or strength train for four hours, you strength train for 30 minutes, you get the best the most out of it, and then you move on.

That’s why people do that they don’t have all that time in a day, you want to get in, get out and get the best look to your body. That’s why we do this.

And there’s actually a scientific reason behind it. And if you don’t believe me, Google it, go ahead, and check it all out. But I do want to show you some different templates, I have templates of an upper body, upper body, lower body, and then a full-body just to kind of give you an idea of how to write how to develop a program to only last 30 minutes. All right, so you can see like everything’s broken into different circuits, supersets.

The lines when I wrote this for you guys, are so that way, you can see this is like your superset or your circuit, that’s where ends, and you would repeat it, these are your sets.

The first number is your set. The second number over here is your repetition or rep range.

I’m not going to go through and demonstrate all the different exercises, today, I just wanted to share with you just some templates of workouts, so that way you get an idea and see how the hours are written, these are 30-minute programs, all right, so they’re written specifically for that peak performance. This does not include your warm-up, your dynamic stretching, go moving into it.

Your warm-up is not meant to wear yourself out. When you do a warm-up, you want to be doing just maybe the first few exercises, do a number of reps a lot higher than where you’re at there. But you want to make sure that you’re getting those joints, ligaments, tendons, everything loosened up, some days, it takes a little bit longer to warm up, depending on your age, some days, it takes a little less.

I’ve done different videos on warming up proper warm-up, you don’t want to be warming up your lower body if you’re going to be doing an upper-body strength-based training program, and vice versa. Big take into consideration those things as well.

5-10 minutes a warm-up, and then 5-10 minutes of stretching at the end. But everybody needs to know that when you do this stuff, it doesn’t need to take forever, it shouldn’t take you forever, your body only has so much to give. So there’s a reason, a rhyme, and a reason for all of this stuff.

Alright, so this is your upper body. Just like us tell anybody like when you see four or five, six sets of something, it’s pretty much like your meat of the actual workout. That’s where you want to really focus and concentrate and get your best efforts. Not that you shouldn’t give your best efforts for the whole workout but that’s kind of how all this stuff is written. If you don’t want to write programs, if you’re tired looking through Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness and bodybuilding.com and all these other places to try to find the best workout or the best.

The best that you want something or someone to write something specifically for you. And your progression, you don’t want to go in and start doing a couple of different workouts, and all of a sudden you’re like Take it Arnold Schwarzenegger is working out. And for what he did back when he was like 17 years old and super jacked and Mr. Universe, so you want to take stuff through the progression of your life and where you’re at and how to get there.

These are just some suggestions, this is sets reps like general information of how to do it and how to write a 30-minute program and why it is important.

Okay, so all these are here for you just to visually see, that’s why I wrote these but you know, the goal is to show you teach you to help you inform you to give you guys some education so that way you can make the best decisions especially you know, that you can’t afford a personal trainer or a life coach or a health coach or those types of things. I want you to understand what you’re getting into and why it is written that way.

Alright, so hopefully this was some great information you guys enjoyed it. I love teaching this stuff to you guys. So if you need help reach out you know Direct Message me I’m on all the different platforms and hit me up.

Lack of Muscle? Fat to Fit Transformation for Men Secret Tips

What’s up with my fitness family! Brent Kasmer here with BK PT, Brent Kasmer Personal Training. Today I’m gonna be teaching you a little bit about fat to fit transformation for men. If you haven’t watched it already, go back and watch my fat to fit video gives you the kind of basics, the rundown, and I’m gonna go into a little bit greater detail in this video as well.

The fat to fit video talked about what fat is, it is lack of muscle.

It’s a word. So no big deal, don’t get broken by a word.

It’s not a sticker stone. It’s just a lack of muscle.

And in the day fit would be obviously in shape, which in shape.

When you look in shape, you’ve got good muscle development, good muscle tonality.

And also what comes with that is also a faster metabolism.

I’m not popping a video here, I want you to go check out how to get a faster metabolism also, because that’s another great video that I have out there teaching you how to keep making sure that metabolism’s firing, alright, so all key ingredients, but you have to have a great foundation to not only go from fat to fit transformation for men but also make that transformation and then also sustain it.

Alright, so forever.

I think the first part of the foundation needs to be “determination”.

You need to be determined to do this to make this transformation because at the end of the day if you aren’t determined if you’re not focused on the end goal, you’re not going to do what it needs, what it takes to get to the end goal.

So yeah, it’s gonna take some work, but you need to make sure that you’re doing the least amount of work so that way you can sustain it later as well.

You need to be determined. And that’s why people are like…

“oh, you know, I’m lacking motivation.”

“I’m lacking, you know, the willpower.”

“I’m lacking X, Y, and Z.”

Or you get into it. And then you’re like…

“Well, I wasn’t really motivated this week. But I was really motivated last week, you know, hopefully, I’ll be motivated next week.”

Determination is your motivation.

Therefore, you are focused, and you’re going to not only do what it takes, but then when something comes up, and something’s trying to deter you, from your end goal, you are going to be determined to just not only hurdle that roadblock, or hurry up and find a way around that roadblock, to get back on track, because kinds of stuff gonna come up, gonna get sick people gonna get sick around you, people’s birthdays are happening, certain things are always coming up to derail you from success.

And it’s about staying determined and focused on getting to that end goal.

All right. So you have to have the right tools.

You need to have to be able to track your body fat, how much muscle you do have.

You need to be able to take pictures so that way you could see some stuff along the legs when you wake up every day you look in the mirror.

Obviously, this transformation may be happening, but since you see yourself every day, you’re not going to notice it every day.

So you want to take periodical photographs so that way you do have success.

And you see, the success also keeps you determined at that end goal.

Alright. And also in that last video from fat to fit, I felt like it hit home pretty well, especially for men.

You take an old beat-up, junkyard car, and you’re like, man, this thing is sweet, you see something different in it when you go grab that junkyard car.

But when you go to fix it up, because it’s an OD, it’s a collectible.

You have an idea of what you want it to look like, the shaping of it, the color of it, the sleekness of it, the shine of it, the rim, the tires, the Chrome, the paint, like the different things that you have in the interior.

You have all of this stuff in your mind of what the end goal is what the end outcome is for this car.

And then it’s kind of like piecing together everything. So that way it gets to that point.

Yeah, it’s work, you got work from the old junk beat-up car.

But once you get it to that point, guess what, the maintenance of it is not nearly as bad as the work is getting to that point.

Plus, now you know what it takes to go from here to here as well. So if something breaks down, like…

“oh, my gosh, I change this out, oh, yeah, take this out.”

And you know, okay, that took me about this long.

So, therefore, you got an idea of how long it’s going to take, you have an idea of how much it’s going to cost, you got an idea of all these things. That way, you can always keep it looking good, feeling good, fit, alright.

That’s also a big part of it, you got to know your body fat, a composition so that we can base all these other key ingredients that go along with getting fit, and staying fit is going to be alright.

One determination.

And to have that determination, you got to have body fat trackers, and you got to take pictures along the way, and stay focused.

Two is going to be your nutritional plan, your nutritional plan is super important.

All right, don’t make it harder than it needs to be.

You don’t need to find a fat diet that had worked for somebody else.

But you can’t make it your own lifestyle.

It’s not going to work, might work for three weeks, six weeks, eight weeks, 10 weeks, and it might get you to a goal.

But in the day, it’s not going to be sustainable.

You need to make any lifestyle.

Make it a lifestyle.

You got to take your career, what’s going on in your life right now.

And mold that meal plan around your life, not the other way around. All right.

And that’s what I teach when I teach my Ignite meal planning system is I try to teach you how to take your life and make your meal plan fit it everything from either preparation or shopping or whatever it might be, to get you the right things, the right ingredients to get into your body to make it you know, easy, sustainable thing.

Alright, so there is the timing of your nutrition.

Every single meal must be based around a protein source because a protein source is thermogenic.

You want to make sure that your body is digesting it and storing it properly to make sure your body is always anabolic.

Anabolic means is not burning muscle, it’s burning fat, your muscle is being built and your fat is getting burned.

Anabolic, alright, that’s what you need to make sure that you’re doing.

By knowing how much muscle you do have is a good foundation for starting to know how many grams of protein that you need to eat in each of your meals.

Don’t get overwhelmed with the whole meal thing because that’s something I do explaining my meal planning system.

It is simple, I promise you, I wouldn’t have helped 1000s of people do this gets them.

I work with doctors and lawyers and moms and dads and everything, athletes on all different levels.

For some people, it is their job to be in shape and stay in shape, and always be building.

But some people obviously have a job.

And this is obviously just something that they need to do to help feel good and be fit.

They can play harder. Meaning, go enjoy life and not watch other people enjoy life around you.

You want people to be jealous because you’re playing with your kids.

You’re playing with your grandkids, you’re being a role model, example, and all these different things that you want to be and not watch and be dependent on other people being these role models examples for the loved ones around you.

Oh, man, it hurts.

Hopefully, that makes sense, though so that way you don’t slip back into the non-determination, lacking motivation category.

All right?

Cuz I know who you are, you’re determined, you’re motivated, let’s hit this nail on the head and knock it out of the park, man.

All right.

So what’s a protein, timing it, knowing what to do, how to make sure that your preparation doesn’t take too long.

You want to make sure you’re prepared for the week, everything’s Tupperware it up in the fridge ready to go. 

You can come in, grab it, take it, eat it, and not worry about it because you just know it’s there.

You’re not making mistakes, grabbing the wrong things.

I also want to teach you how to make non-mistakes and grab the right things.

Being able to run into a grocery store. Say you’re not prepared, running into a grocery store, going into the prepared foods, having them grab just grabbing a blackened chicken breast that they already have, in the prepared food section, grabbing horrible eggs that they already have in the prepared food section.

Yes, they actually have a prepared food section in your grocery store. Go look, it’s crazy.

They actually have your protein, carbs, fats all there for you, you just actually got to go grab it, it takes five minutes, it’s faster than driving through the daggone fast food lines.

Alright, so know where those things are.  That’s super simple stuff.

That’s the stuff you do when you’re in a pinch, drink a protein shake, make sure it’s the right kind of protein shake, though.

You’ll make sure that the protein sides like 100 ish calories, and you’re getting the adequate protein you need.

Not the other sugar, fats, fillers, other junk in there as well. Make sure you get the right one.

Nutritionally, those are great tips for fat to fit transformation for men.

Moving on, and the second key ingredient for your foundation, getting your protein in every meal being prepared.

And getting the right stuff getting the right foods in your body, right macros, protein, carbs, fats.

And the third but not the least is your workout program your workout regimen.

I created this called the accelerated PT method. Why is it the accelerated PT method?

Because it’s no-nonsense, man.

It gets you in the gym, it gets you doing the right stuff that gets you doing the most effective things to get the end result.

I’ve done tons of videos on these things, you want to be sure you’re doing compound joint movements for one, two, and needs to be at a high-intensity level.

That means not doing the repetitions fast, not jerking, and doing everything crazy like a spastic lunatic in the gym.

It means working in a strategic fashion, doing supersets, doing giant sets, doing certain things in the right order to make sure you’re doing it correctly, but same time getting the most bang for your buck.

Also with this, you got to make sure you’re lifting heavy stuff, you will also make sure you’re doing the small intermediate stuff that you need to make sure that keeps all your joints, ligaments, tendons, all in a good, organized fashion in your body.

And also staying injury-free, increasing the injury that you do have, you want to make sure you’re working around it, and you never want to miss.

Making your body stronger, making sure that you’re working out at a set time every single day, making sure that you’re doing these things, your workout should never take less than 15 minutes never take longer than 45 minutes.

Those are all key things for fat to fit transformation for men.

If you’re taking an hour, hour and a half, two hours in the gym too long, stop wasting your time.

Your ATP CP pathways can’t produce enough energy.

Trust me, especially if you’re coming from fat to fit.

You’re not at a good spot, you know to get going.

So start a good routine, pick it at a time of day where there are no distractions, meaning the fact that I mean I’m a firm believer get it done first.

Because like once morning hits, you get a few things out of the way.

All of a sudden one thing runs into another and your nine o’clock time slot your noontime at lunchtime time slot, your after-work time slot all of a sudden disappears because something else came up that has a 99% likelihood of not being disturbed.

All right, things come up again. So get back on track fast. 

If you get derailed, get back on track determination.

Back to that key point. Compound joint movements, doing supersets, triceps, quad sets, giant sets that just means doing one or 2, 3, 4, 5 exercises and a group lifting heavy weights periodically to make sure that you’re getting stronger building muscle, building muscle spasm and herbalism all those good things.

Those are the key ingredients, key ingredients for fat to fit transformation for men.

Did you get questions?

Hit me up, put in there what’s going on in your life, and tell me so that way I can help you help assist you to make the right decisions all the time.

Not some of the time all the time will point you in the right direction.

Make sure you’re doing the right things.

Make sure you are living a fit life and you’re not going from fat to fit, then fat to fit the fat, then fit the fat the fit, because sucks I don’t want to see you do it.

I want to see you always living that healthy fit life.

Alright, be a role model. Be a role model.

Put in the comments how this helped you, where you’re at in your journey, any roadblocks you overcame, and how you did it.

So that way you can help other people out there overcome that stuff too.

Because guess what, this is real, baby. This is real fat to fit transformation for men.

Alright, see in the next video.

How To Go From FAT To FIT In 30 Days Secrets Revealed

What’s up my fitness family! Brent Kasmer here with BK PT, Brent Kasmer Personal Training. I’m gonna be teaching you today, fat to fit. Alright, so it’s a very touchy subject because no one wants to become fat, or no must be called fat. But it is a word. And guess what sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. So this is not meant to hurt somebody, this is a very touchy word, we don’t talk about it. We don’t talk with this word when describing people in our household. Alright, so I’m gonna teach my kids, you know, it’s just it’s a word. But out of shape is a better word that I feel like we should use. But regardless, we’re gonna go ahead and hit this topic fat to fit. Alright. So if you haven’t yet subscribed, subscribe, mash the notification bell, you’re notified as all my newest content comes out, because I want you to understand the fastest, easiest, simplest ways to be fit to be in shape. Alright, so show me some love, give me some likes, and also pop in the comments where you’re at? Are you in this journey? Are you fat? Are you fit? You know, that’s what I want to know. And also what your struggles are, and also pop in there things that you used did that way maybe you can help somebody else out also in this comment ladder. Alright, so let’s not hold back any farther. Like I said, fat, it’s a word, what it really means is lacking muscle. So then the day you have fat, you got muscle. If you’re not called muscle, then you call it fat. You know, that’s what you got. So what you want to do is increase your muscle, speed up your metabolism. So let’s find out some of these quick little tidbits on how to get there. Alright, cuz we think of somebody that’s fit, they’re in shape, they’ve got muscle, so that’s what we’re leaning to do. You just don’t want to go from fat to fit back to fat again, back to fit again, back to fat again.


Those are not ingredients for successful healthy living lifestyle. All right, here we go. So you have to have a few things in place. These few things are workout, nutrition, accountability, they’re huge factors. I’ve got some key ingredients in here for you, that’s going to help you go to the next level and also stay healthy, live healthy, and maintain that fit. Look, feel body. Alright. So workout can’t take a long time has to be short, sweet to the point. Or else it’s not going to be sustainable. It’s not something I’m going to do forever. That’s why I created the accelerated PT method. Accelerated PT method helps you to have a variable workout regimen, where some days are higher repetitions. Some days are heavier repetitions lower or heavier weights, lower repetitions. So that way, you can blast that muscle from all different angles. You also want to be intense. So therefore you’re moving from either super sets, tri sets, quad sets, or giant sets. These are multiple exercises put together to give you a end result but a great result. Other things that go along with your workout is making it a routine. So picking a time of day that it can be done consistently. So therefore it’s a routine and you’re not thinking about it, you’re not giving yourself a choice, or the ability to back out of it. It’s a routine, it’s a part of what you do. So therefore, you don’t want to add a point of your day where you have 50 Things that could possibly come up. So if you tried to pop it in into lunch break, or midday, and all of a sudden either got to run your kids homework, you got a work meeting that came up you have something that came in place of it. So you should have it at a point in your day that nothing can deter you from it. Because that’s all you need a hiccup because hiccups can last a long time and derail you. So you want to make sure that it becomes a routine okay? So also need to be fast like I said so should be 15 to 45 minutes max. So at least 15 minutes 45 minutes max that way you can get in and get it done and get out my missing with workout. You also won’t be able to you do have to have days where it is heavy. You need to pick ups heavy weights, he pick up some heavy stuff, because you need to bake muscle to speed up your metabolism also, because a faster metabolism is what’s going to keep you fit forever. Alright, so number two, nutrition nutritional component I’ve created is called the Ignite meal planning system. So this is a system that’s put into place. Therefore, it’s easy to do with your life. So this is not a fat diet, this is something that you want to make sure that you’re doing. One, it’s based on protein. So you need to have protein source at each meal, the quantity is going to determine is going to depend on a where you’re at, you know how much muscle you currently have, what your end goal is, so those in how many meals that we’re going to decide you’re going to eat throughout your day. Because everything, all your macros need to kind of be adjusted accordingly. Macros are your proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. But what I said was, your proteins need to be in all of your meals, okay? So I didn’t say your carbs had to be in all your meals, I didn’t say your fats. In our meals, I said your proteins. So protein is the building block of muscle, muscle is your metabolism. At the end of the day, same thing with nutrition can’t be hard, can’t be difficult, has to fit with what you do, and who you are, and your career, or whatever you’re doing right now. So that way, it’s you know, it’s it’s doable. So when you do this, you do need to sit down and make a plan. Because without a plan, you’re going to get all kinds of sidetrack things are going to come up, you got to know exactly day to day what to do, you also have to have meal prep days, or grocery days, or whatever type of days that we decide for you to best fit your schedule. Yes, there’s a lot of variability there. But that’s why I said it has to fit your life. Because if it doesn’t fit your life, you’re not going to do it for a long time. So key nugget is timing of your nutrition protein at every meal. And then also your food prep needs to be certain days, everything scheduled. So


that way, it’s easy. If you walk around every single day, you’re just bouncing off of walls, and you don’t know where you’re going or how to get there, you’re gonna have a lot of problems. So therefore, you know, without a plan without a roadmap, you know, you’re not going to get to that end goal. And then I’m going to teach you that in the next step also. And I call this its accountability. But when I refer to it in my seven figure body blueprint, is I call this your liabilities. So your assets, your liabilities, right, your bodies, your asset, you got liabilities that kind of are along the way that can kind of bump you off track, you got your mindset, you’ve got your motivation, which I hate that word and like that world the same time, you have your goals. So being able to set the right goals and stay focused on what your goals are, but what at the end of the day, what this all leads to his determination. So you need to be determined upon what you set up what your goal is, and how we’re going to get there. Because if you’re determined in the day, that’s what’s going to keep you motivated. Alright, so Don’t set yourself a goal of oil and drop 10 pounds, I want to lose, you know, 5%, body fat, all good ones all short term, which means they’re not going to keep you there forever. So my personal goal is, you know, I don’t want to call it staying young forever, but staying in shape. So therefore it makes me feel younger than my age. I believe in feeling athletic at any age is a big goal, which then keeps me determined to do what I do and teach what I teach. So a lot of times, we’re like, oh, well, he’s blessed. Oh, well, he’s got good genes. Oh, he does the work that hard. Oh, I bet he works out 10 hours a day. Oh, no, that’s not the case. Whenever you set a goal, it needs to be exactly what you’re trying to do. So therefore, once you get to the maintenance phase of it, yes, it’s easier. But you’ve also have all these things, this whole foundation thing set in place, so that way, you stay on the right path. When you take a classic car from the junkyard and you pull it out of junkyard you’re like, Man, I wanna make this thing look amazing, beautiful, fast, XYZ, whatever it might be. So when you pull it out of a junker guess what you got to do, you got a lot of work to do on it, you know, looks like a piece of crap. But in your mind, you have a vision. Your vision is this beautiful car. That’s a certain color that’s sleek, shiny, it’s got all these like fine details that you already have in your mind of how it’s going to look. That’s what you have to have for yourself. You have to have for yourself, this fit image, this and resolution look like what is going to be and print that out. Make it create it so that way you can plaster it up and say hey, you know what? This is me, this is my before, this is my after. And this is what I’m going to do to get there. Okay? Because that’s the plan, that’s the roadmap, that’s the, you know, the strategy that goes behind it, you know, there’s gonna be knowledge, there’s gonna be road bumps, there’s gonna be roadblocks, there’s gonna be things that are gonna come up, but it’s how you get around that to make sure you get to that last point. All right, hopefully, that makes some sense to you hope I can kind of like, paint that picture for you. Because that is where it’s going to be at to get you to that fit, and shape, muscle, you know, looking person that you want to be that you desire. That’s why you looked up this whole video and what to expect. So you need to know, with the whole liability thing, you need to know what your body fat is, what your muscle composition is, because that’s what’s going to help determine, you know, how much protein he how many times a day that he the type of workout you do, you know, if you you know you’re lacking muscle and your lower body or lacking muscle in your upper body, so you know where to focus a little bit more on so that way you can transform those numbers a lot better. Okay, so that is in a nutshell fat to fit, but it’s going to help you to go from fat to fit the fat. This is the long term part. Okay, I also have a great video out there fat to fit transformation for men. So therefore go ahead and watch that video well because I’m gonna go into finer details about this transformation. Alright, so I will see you in the next video. Hopefully you got some great nuggets in this that’s going to keep you on track and get you going from fat to fit. Alright, subscribe, mash that notification bell. That way you’re notified as all the new content comes out and show me some love. Give me some likes. All right, the love seeing that this is hitting home, because that means it’s important not only to you, but it’s important that I get it across to you. All right, makes me feel good about what you guys are getting out of this. Alright, and then also comment where you’re at struggles overcoming all those types of things because you can help other people out there as well. Go from fat to fit and stay fit. Alright, love it. See you guys in the next video.

Get Faster Metabolism with Effective Food and Intense Training to Burn Calories

faster metabolism

What’s up! Let’s talk about faster metabolism, right? Do you want one? Do you have a slow metabolism, you know why it’s slow? Let’s talk about some of the things that make a slow metabolism. And then that way you don’t make those mistakes. And let’s talk about a faster metabolism and how to get it. All right.

So let’s go faster metabolism. Well, take two seconds, two seconds, two seconds, here we go.

Slow metabolism. If you work on getting a slow metabolism, then you’re counterproductive to a faster metabolism. So, eating rice, pasta, starchy foods, help slow your metabolism.

If you’re trying to bulk up, there you go, you just got a tip, you’d even know it working out or not working out, I should say first, and then doing the same weights over and over and over again. So try not to have progress.

And just going in and doing the same routines and same things, not eating frequently.

Those are all key factors for a slower metabolism, and not drinking enough water.

Alright, so knowing those things, if you want to slow your metabolism, don’t drink enough water, eat lots of starchy carbs, and don’t work out or workout, very low, intense, and same weights. That covers it, I think.

There you go.

There’s little metop.

To get faster metabolism, which is why you’re here and what you want to do, these are some key factors. You want to eat thermo effective food. So those these are protein sources. Your protein is a macronutrient. People say like eat by macros. A macronutrient is a protein, you want to eat protein to help speed up your metabolism. These are good lean proteins are the best ones.

Lentils are also there for you with high amino acids. So therefore it is the building block of protein that keeps your body anabolic and not catabolic.

Catabolic means your body is digesting your processing muscle, which means eating your muscle slowing your metabolism, which is obviously not what you want to do.

Eating frequent meals, every meal having protein in it, alright, so that would be number one, for sure.

Alright, another easy one is drinking cold water, cold water because your body has to work to naturally heat itself back up. So not only are you getting the water in that you need, but you’re also making your bodywork to heat itself up. Alright, so cold water is a good one to help speed up that metabolism.

Alright, quick tip easy.

Number three. This is one that I don’t really do. So, but it’s true, is eating hot things like jalapenos, cayenne pepper, different types of peppers help to speed up your metabolism, obviously, it’s a great tip.

These are just all different things that you can do to get a fast metabolism do you need to do all of them? No, obviously, the more you do, the faster metabolism is gonna speed up. The next one is caffeine. And I’m not talking frappe or Mocha locka whatever chinos I’m talking caffeine, coffee, tea is good for speeding up that metabolism.

Obviously, the lower the calories you’re taking in, and the caffeine elements of it to help speed it up. makes it better not to say go like drink 80,000 cups of caffeine or take caffeine pills or, you know get crazy.

Don’t jump off out of the deep end. Just that it is something to help you. So stay, you know within a recommended dosage for your height, weight, and age. Don’t go crazy.

And then the excess is always bad. So don’t go crazy and excess with something. All right. So that’s a quick tip with some like medical clearance stuff.

You know, I didn’t tell you to go take 1000s of CAP milligrams of caffeine. That’s not what I just said.

Caffeine helps speed up metabolism.

Alright, the next one is high-intensity training. So don’t sit there, go in the gym, hit an exercise, and start texting somebody sitting on the bench.

Do the same exercise text some more people maybe fix up your playlist? Yeah, I’m talking to you.

But I mean, it’s there are so many people that sit there and do all kinds of distractions to stick your phone on Do Not Disturb. When you do your workouts, not your workouts out, you want to do something that’s high intensity, so you’re moving from one thing to another, doesn’t mean you’re being spastic or crazy about it. You’re just doing the exercise properly. And not lollygagging in between exercises. So setting it up.

So it’s either AKA a circuit type format, so multiple exercises, or super-setting something back and forth agonist-antagonist muscles. So you know, that way you can, your one muscle can rest while you’re working your other muscle. And I’m not talking about your jaw muscle either.

Alright, so, ah, kids got jokes.

Alright, so another one is also lifting heavy.

I said it lifting heavy in challenging yourself as another way to speed up that metabolism.

Remember, we’re talking about a faster metabolism. Alright, so lifting heavy helps you to build muscle, not big, bulky muscle. We’re talking about lean muscle. All right. Don’t go crazy. Don’t lift things you shouldn’t lift. But don’t lift the same things over and over again.

Alright, so steadily try to increase your ability to get stronger. So say, for instance, you’re doing a 50-pound dumbbell for your dumbbell bench presses. Okay. And you’re doing 12 repetitions, and you get through and you’ve done your three sets of 12 repetitions of it, and you’ve gotten every rep. That’s a no, no. All right, you shouldn’t get all your reps, your shooting for 12. You want to have something heavy enough where you’re getting 10 and somebody is helping you with two more spotters work. Alright, they’re helping you get those force repetitions, they’re helping you get those extra reps. So therefore you’re making gains making yourself stronger.

Okay, not saying bump it up to hundreds when you’re normally lifting 50’s saying 55. Okay, incrementally, so you should always be making changes.

So those are some tips and tricks.

There are some really quick, easy hacks you could do right now. These are changes that you can make right now to get a faster metabolism.

Which ones did I say? Which ones hit home for you? Which ones are you going to put in the comment that you use and can help somebody else make to get a faster metabolism?

Okay, so we got protein every meal, set the amount you’re supposed to consume. So it’s not like 90 grams of protein, whatever you’re doing and trying to do between like 15 to 40 grams. 45 grams is what you should be consuming, depending on your weight, muscle, all that stuff.

And once you’ve been digesting prior, so high-intensity training, ice-cold water, caffeine, and lifting heavy weights are all quick tips that you can do right now to get a faster metabolism. All right.

Hopefully, you guys love this information, find it very helpful, and it’s hitting home and you’re ready to make these changes right now. 

Getting Stronger Everyday

getting stronger everyday

We are talking about getting stronger every day. So if you’re not all about getting stronger every day, guess what you might be on the wrong channel, because I’m all about making gains making progress pushing forward, but in a health and effective way. So a lot of times people come to me because they want to be and look athletic. And you might be 50 years old, 60 years old, you still have it in you, you know, I get my my top athletes as young as like 678 years old, all the way up until they’re well into their primes in their 20s.

And then guess what, there’s usually a little law, and then you’re back, you’re back with a vengeance. So you go through this period of your life where you know, you’re busy and concentrated on work, getting stuff done, starting your families, getting everything in the right order. And then it’s like crap, man, I don’t have my athletic body anymore. So it’s all about getting stronger every day. Let’s do this again. All right.

There’s so many different techniques, there’s so many different avenues to take with this. But I’m not going to share with you all of them, it would take me I don’t even know how many hours alright, I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to bore you to death. Even though you’re locked in in love and the information I’m spitting out, I’m not going to make my voice go through all that either. So I’m going to share with you five, five key factors that I feel are very effective and getting you stronger every day. Here we go. Alright.

So you ever seen a movie called Karate Kid with Mr. Miyagi and Daniel song. And he’d come over to learn how to fight. And he had Daniel son painting the fence, wax in his cars, too. And all kinds of nonsense Damsons go, what the heck are you doing, man, I’m sick and tired of this, you’re making me work. Like, who knows what so and everything has a rhyme or reason. And when you do certain things, sometimes you might not understand why it’s recommended or why or even like doing this stuff, but at the end of the day, it’s it’s, it’s for the benefit for the end goal, which is always getting stronger, and also staying injury free.

Okay, so a lot of times, getting warmed up is a huge factor of getting, you know, your body primed up and ready to go. So number one be getting warmed up, but getting warmed up properly. Not jumping on a treadmill runner for a little bit and getting ready to go bench doesn’t make sense. So getting warmed up means you want to get your blood hot one, too, you want to make sure you’re getting the muscles warmed up that you’re getting ready to use. So say it’s you know, you know, bench and back or upper body or lower body or whatever it is you’re trying to do, you want to make sure that everything is kind of firing.

So sometimes it could be going through the routine that you’re getting ready to do. So like say you’re going to need a band and do some pull ups, you know, so going in and doing some lighter weight significantly lighter, you know, going in doing a couple times some days are better than others. So therefore you might warm up a little bit longer. Some days are, you know, a lot easier to get warmed up.

So getting some of those smaller muscles recruited. So a lot of times you get ready to bench doing things where like say you’re bear crawling, or inchworms. So you’re putting your body and your shoulders at different, you know, movements to make sure that you know when you’re into a benchpress you know, you’re getting much more shoulder engagement, much more, you know, muscles engaged because guess what, if you’re benching and you don’t have more muscles to recruit and more muscles to pull into your benchpress then you know you’re not going to get stronger and the day alright, so you know getting properly warmed up.

Say you’re getting ready to do legs, going in doing some bodyweight lunges bodyweight squat squat jumps, you know, getting ready to do you know, just some mobility stuff where you know you’re working those band side lateral movements, trying to recruit muscle recruiting muscle is going to help you to get those gains. So getting the blood hot, getting your blood boiling, you know, getting pumped up, and then getting into your exercises. Alright. Number two is getting ballistic. What does that mean? Not crazy. But ballistic. So say you’re getting ready to do some squats. Alright, do some box hops, some broad jumps, lateral hops, single legged hops, you know, those types of things, that’s ballistic movement, vertical jumps, all of those movements help you with getting your, you know, just different areas of your muscles primed and ready to go, which is going to come into my next one, that’s why I didn’t want to say it, I had a chip on my words, is shocking, your central nervous system.

There’s many ways to shock your central nervous system. And that’s not electrocuting it, I’m talking about trying to trip it up a little bit, trying to help it, you know, stumble, so that way it can learn more, you know, and it’s all about muscle mobility, and all those types of things. So therefore, you know, it’s like, okay, like, I’m gonna go into a ballistic movement, and then right into, you know, a power movement. And I got a whole series on all of those things.

Like, if you haven’t watched yet, going back and watching how to add, you know, 30 to 50 pounds on your benchpress, adding, you know, 50 to 100 pounds on your squat, in very short periods of time, it’s very good to do all these things. So adding that ballistic getting warmed up, you know, all of this stuff shouldn’t take forever, it’s not like, do a couple things and still your phone text a little bit, you want to stay warm, you still want to stay, you know, your body needs to be excited, you need to be you know, keeping it fired up and ready to go and primed up.

All of those things are what’s going to help you so going in and doing like all those things like bear crawls, and all those different stuff like that. It’s all for a purpose. Alright, so paint the fence wax, the cars, you know, do all that kind of stuff, but you know what I mean? So again, getting all your body ready to go.

The next couple things I want to share with you. These are huge factors, but you don’t want to do it every single time. So you have one is your lockouts. So these are huge, huge, huge, huge ways to add lots of weight, lots of muscle to your body with a very simple movement. So your lockouts to say your benchpress say you’re squatting, some standing up is easier to do. So you’re squatting, you’re going to have 20% 10 to 20% more than your max squat.


Okay, your your key is to pick it up off the rack, always had your safety bar set up. And your goal is to just do a small movement. So it’s just your lockout. Okay, so say you’re going through, you did five sets of five and, and your workout, you might even PR and you might not have PR, so you hit that end weight. And you’re like, you know what, I’m pumped, I got a few more minutes, give throw on 20% more than your max. And instead of going down and hitting that 90 degree box squat that you just did properly going in and hitting a top half squat, it’s just a quarter down, but you’re getting your whole body used to holding heavier weights. So that way, you know when you get into those heavier weights, not only are your joints, ligaments, tendons ready for it, but then you’re also your muscles are ready for it too. So that way you can go through that full motion and getting an aim. So same thing with the benchpress it’s just that top half, but if you do it all the time, it’s too much wear and tear. So it’s not something you want to do all the time. You know, you could do it for a you know period of time. So say it’s like a four to six week period. Or say it’s like for two weeks every four to six weeks so that way it’s just something that you add into your program. Those top half lockouts are good for every exercise. So if you notice, I’m not talking about any isolating joint movement, so it’s not like a bicep curl. It’s not, you know, chest fly. It’s these are compound joint movements. So when you’re trying to get stronger, you’re not doing isolated movements, you’re trying to you’re doing compound joint movements to get stronger, it’s gonna get you stronger and all the other areas also. And if you’re looking to do this just for curls, you’re gonna end up getting injured, so don’t do it. Alright. Um, and then the last one that I’m going to share with you today is forced repetitions. So one, this is also say your lifts. So you’re at a rep range of five or six or eight or whatever you’re getting ready to do And, you know, you know, you shouldn’t really think this way. But you know, in your head, you’re like, Damn, I’m only gonna get like three or five of these. And you know, your spotter is going to have to help you get the last little bit. So this is when you want to really make sure you have the right spotters for one that they can a lift the weight, it’s very important to is making sure that they don’t just pick it up off you, if you’re trying to get force repetitions. It’s not like, you know, just doing the negative, yes, important, but also pushing and not quitting on that push, and making sure that they’re just doing enough to not let it come back down on you. It’s just enough to keep the bar moving in that motion. All right. So force repetitions are also fantastic. Same thing, don’t want to all the time. But it’s definitely good to do. You know, once in a while, it’s good to make sure every lift, especially if you’re plateaued out, you want to make sure that you’re doing this forced repetitions to bust through any of those plateaus. So I’ve got tons of videos in there about ballistic in the power, all those types of things. So I really am a key believer in all this. That’s why I teach this type of stuff. So, you know, obviously if you’re stumped and you’re not knowing what to do, and you want to have an athletic looking body, you know, at any age, because at the end of the day, it is possible. It’s just a matter of making those tweaks to make sure you’re always making the right progress. All right. Make sure you put in the comments, folks, come on and put in the comments. What you feel are most important to you to getting stronger every day. So that way I can hear and I love I love hear new stuff I love you know, giving you kudos for being like Oh heck yeah, that’s a great tip. So and it’s also great for other people to see those tips also. Alright, so pop it down in the comments. Show me some love give me some likes. And don’t forget, subscribe, mash the notification bell that way notify us all the new stuff comes out and I will see you in the next video.

15-Minute Bodyweight Family Workout At Home

family workout

What’s up my fitness daily broadcast we’re here with B k p taper has a personal trainer I got this young stuff off in here, Catherine.

Hello, collaboration video you know little mixture between gaming and fitness. So I don’t know the mix between the gamer or the fitness jumpin one of the comments below because guess what, we just won’t read this watch and find out so beat me guys out of channel so he’s on YouTube. He’s got his gaming channel he’s got a little real life stuff in there as well some floors lava and other fun stuff.

And awesome if you guys if you guys want to join me and leave a comment comments below your name right? No can never have enough friends in Florida, right? Yeah.

I beg to differ. So anyways, guess what subscribe mash notification bell you’re gonna find this all the new content is dropped, but we got an awesome bodyweight exercise or aka calisthenics. For fathers and sons you guys do this together or mothers and daughters or mothers and sons or daughters and wives and so on and so forth. There’s no discrimination here but it’s me and my button. Alright, we’re gonna start off we’re gonna get to different service so all the negotiation has been done ahead of time. He’s was trying to negotiate on the settle bed dying in it so it doesn’t matter. For surrogate for exercises, two times through 20 repetitions each second circuit is going to be three times through four exercises and 10 repetitions each. So the one thing that’s different sometimes there’s two sides of your body so you do 10 times both sides. Alright, so you got to be ready ready?

So tomato tomato, Potato Potato time.

All right, well for workouts on top of that, it is Tuesday right it’s Taco Tuesday. So let’s get started man because we’re gonna do this in 15 minutes or less to maybe if we get stopped talking we’ll do it in 15 Minutes or Less so start off yes this was really good squats 2218 19 and 20 What’s next push ups start hit workout toilet which we’re going to choose crutches got conscious that your feet are up in the right head and crush your arms and your legs together love top nope it’s my school both all right you feel those your stomach okay I’ll force that burger to be right on my flag hat know social likes just little bow little now then right back up. Yeah.

To love like also for hire you can try point to both walls.

I think to on the other side, your left or right leg or is that on the higher higher leg of it.

Hey, Tony Alright that was four exercises let’s do it again.

I’m just like you do what you want love and Tony takes it up a notch right we’re going to be supplied with push ups to know need to push back oh no no.

I call Timmy Pasha squatter has like oh man let’s try it but that’s in the next video right crunches feet up crushed together keep that gets you into the last exercise though it’s harder to make the bird dogs a little harder if you don’t want to go from your knees and this tabletop position you’re doing a push up position our focus man and Tony.

Goodness gracious OSI two

All right. You ready for the last circuit exercises we’re starting to lunch or more because it’s a big add up to nine already a dive bomber Hey pipe out position like this. I think you’re trying I think UFC dagger phase between your hands roll floor all right. Laughing for a minute all Jackknife so like this bad man take your right arm back behind your ear head and come up and hit your left foot to keep that arms right to your ear is the shoulder on the ground alright guys, yes, your messages right?

Like this.

Yes, love your back down the bench and up, lock you slider back down or push her toes up in the air, too.


Lockout tagout that’s we know this triceps. That’s our lunch go to Morales to attract versus three circles let’s go step back launch one to nine to answers legs on head out back to good time or what everyone call it.

Hi Can I get a higher hug feel is one of my There you go not die nice.

All right.

Jackknives we go right onto your left blog.

Are you getting ready he’s up there too next bench stance that ships here we go ready to that bad cause our last round me stood up a step backwards back launch was very bad one other 15 minutes nine bomber let’s stay with it. We’re moving right in time. But apart Hi. Good

Max out there all check knives. There’s one for you. There’s one for me the triple push it’s a finisher let’s go to you we have bench tested or done. Hi, Ted.

Walk it all the way up tall. Squeeze those arms, swing.

TRIPLE DECKER means like this a lot. All right. So subscribe. Like mash the notification bell and you’ll see some more videos are right now. We’re gonna go triple decker style. C double decker, you watch. So go with anchor so push up, push up, push it up. All right, here we go. Birds get on. This can be epic.

No one yet. Alright, here we go.

Double Decker Bush

Nice job everybody.

Sweating, right? That’s gonna be a triple decker Porsche better than ice cream

The Ultimate Smackdown Calisthenics v Weights

What’s up my fitness family

Brent Kasmer here with BKPT, Brent Kasmer personal training.

And today we’re going over the ultimate Smackdown Calisthenics  v Weights baby.

What do you think is better? Let me know in the comments.

Weights or calisthenics?

What are weights?

Weights are when you’re adding resistance against your muscles.

These could include dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, plate weights, you name it, it’s weights.

Calisthenics is bodyweight specific training.

So a lot of times, these include dips, push ups, squats, ballistic lunges, lunges, etc.

Bodyweight exercises are using your body as the weight.

Both are great and very beneficial.

BUT, if you have to choose one or the other, which one?

Alright, I’m going to share all that with you.

But first, guess what you got to do, you’ve got to subscribe.

You got to like & hit that notification bell so you never miss an episode.

This way, I can share with you all my time saving strategies, so you don’t waste time working out.

And that’s what separates calisthenics v weights or calisthenics vs weights.

You could be a bodybuilder and do calisthenics.

You could be a bodybuilder and do weights.

One of the best athletes, Herschel Walker, did calisthenics for 20 years before he hit a weight room.

And he was a bad mamma jamma!

He was one of the best running backs out there.

But at the same time, if you look at his workouts you’ll see that they were very, very time consuming.

And that’s ok, because it was his job and what he got paid to do!

So at the end of the day, you gotta like what you’re doing…

when you’re doing push ups, and you can knock out, you know, all different variations of push ups.

You know, doing calisthenics.

But when you’re doing 20, 30, 50, 100, 500 push ups,

With the bench, you have the ability to not only do it at different angles but while increasing weight.

So with both you’re getting the same failed repetitions on your muscle.

But you’re able to stay consistent with weights longer.

Because with weights your workout will always continue to be 30 minutes.

Whereas with body weight as you progress, they’ll take longer and longer.

So people will quit and stop doing the exercises before they get to those failed reps where you see results.

So you’re gonna get more benefits from weight training than you will in calisthenics.

Plus, some people that can’t even do calisthenics need to start with weight training.

So they can build up to their body weight, and exercise.

Are they both great?

Yes, they’re both great.

But the real question is will you get faster, better results with weight training?


Are calisthenics good to do when you don’t have a weight room opposed to not doing anything.


You want to make sure to fine tune it.

You don’t want to be one of those knuckleheads that can bench 350 or 400 pounds but can’t do 20 push-ups.

It doesn’t make sense.

Your power & strength isn’t the same as your ability to push.

With weights, you have more resistance with less reps.

But you’re able to get good hypertrophy through high reps.

They’re both good and both build different muscle fibers.

So you actually get the most benefits when you’re doing both.

And you can write your workouts with both weights & calisthenics to challenge yourself.

A lot of times I’ll use it as warm up or failure stuff before getting into my weights.

So, if you have to choose calisthenics v weights…

Weights prove to be the winner.

Because the workouts are shorter, less time consuming and get you the best results.

Winner winner. Chicken is for dinner.

Hope that helps answer your question when it comes to calisthenics v weights.

I love helping people not waste time on fitness & exercise through smart programming.

This way you can get the most out of a 30 minute workout.

So go bang some weights.

Have fun.

Warm up with your calisthenics.

Add some resistance with weights, so you can get the results!

In the end that’s what matters.

My name is Brent Kasmer with BKPT.

And again make sure to like, subscribe, and mash that notification bell. This way you get the most from your workouts and you see it in your results! 

See you guys in the next episode.