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As a successful business owner, you know already that people always look at you and think that you got lucky…
You were in the right place at the right time… Or knew the right people… and in a day your business blew up.

You never worked, grinded, or hustled to actually get to where you are today! Well then you also understand how people think being fit comes natural to me!


AND NO, I don’t have a crazy back story of losing 200 pounds. NO, I didn’t get crushed playing a sport and was left with the doctor telling me I was never going to walk again. And despite, I muscled through it for 2 years and had a massive breakthrough recovery.

Actually, when you look at me, I look like your average “blessed with some good genetics” guy. But, like you know, your business was not built in a day… There was a lot of work, sacrifice and days that you thought you were going to quit, but didn’t! And that’s the same for me!

And this is why we both know, understand and respect that everyone has their journey. Yet, we set ourselves apart from those that think they can’t so don’t try… Instead we identify with those that knew there was going to be work. And at times things would feel impossible. But despite they were going to overcome and triumph over adversity!


Let me take you way back… We’re talking back to Kindergarten! When I started learning to read, I noticed I was having a harder time identifying letters than other kids.

My parents were unsure what was going on and figured that I needed glasses. Every time they got me a pair… the scripts only helped for a few months. Here I was losing my vision at a rapid pace and my parent’s couldn’t figure out why.

They flew me all over the country from specialist to specialist trying to get closure or a diagnosis. FINALLY, after about a year, they determined I had Stargardt’s.

Stargardts is a rare juvenile form of Macular Degeneration and it’s progressive. I lost my vision so fast, that by the time I was 8 year old, I was “blind.” The only vision I had left was my peripheral so school was quite difficult for me. I had to have many tutors… everything read out loud, and different vintage style assisted technologies like with cassette tapes and VHS’s.


Despite those struggles, I went on to get my Bachelors Degree in business, psych and math. And since it’s unnoticeable, people think that my life must be easy!

They think… he’s good looking, he’s got a great personality, and a positive attitude! And of course he’s fit… he works out all the time.


But for me, it’s quite the contrary! I’m actually not fit from the amount of time I work out… But I’m fit from how I design and develop my workouts. I only workout 3 times weekly for 30 mins! For me, developing workouts is easy.

Unlike others, I cannot see what I’m working and how… instead I can feel what I’m working and how it’s all working together.

That’s what makes me an expert over the competition and how I’ve become such an expert in my field.
If someone needs a modification due to knee issues, plantar fascitis, frozen shoulder or an impingement… I know how to manipulate the workout to increase their strength despite the injury.

Most everything else for me takes more time. I cannot use a computer to connect. I have to still hustle and grind despite the amount of automations we have set for ourselves. Lucky for me, my wife works in systems and automations. This is definitely something I lack!

She built systems around both my business and our health and fitness to make everything easy for us! My program development and her systems have become our 7-Figure Body Blueprint. This blueprint is how we’re able to automate 80% of the work for 100% of the results!

It’s the program we’ve used on 1000’s of our clients to get them massive results. And using our systems, it keeps our clients consistent making the results permanent.


I am a husband, father and entrepreneur (in that order). I have built and scaled my business and my body to offer me a better mindset and lifestyle. A lifestyle that includes being active and getting down and dirty with my kids. My wife and I travel with them to immerse them in different cultures while building a life I’ve always dreamed with nothing holding me back.

And if that is what you want… to increase your health, gain confidence, and see getting a 7-figure body to match your 7-figure business as a molehill rather than a mountain… Then let’s connect!

I want to help you automate 80% of your diet and exercise so you can maximize on the other 20% to make it easy and permanent! Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard! But you do need to have the right coach and the right systems to stay consistent. This way it becomes fast, easy and enjoyable for you!

I invite you to click the button below to learn more about how we can work together to achieve your goals. I look forward to connecting with you.