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LOWER BACK STRENGTHENING – Gain Strength & Relieve Lower Back Pain

Hey FitFam, welcome back to my blog!

Struggling with lower back pain?

Not surprising…

It’s a common problem and effects both young and old.

I am no doctor but believe sitting is the most major cause of this problem.

In classes, we’re made to sit as well as at work.

Think about it.

How many hours do you spend sitting every day?

The answer may surprise you!

So today, I’m giving you the top exercises to throw into your lower back strengthening workout.

These exercises will allow you to gain strength and reduce lower back pain.

But before we dive in with both feet, let me throw out this quick disclaimer!

If you do struggle with lower back pain, seek a professional’s advice before working out. They will be able to determine if a chronic problem exists and the most appropriate path to recovery!



Lower Back Strengthening Workout: How to Gain Strength and Relieve Lower Back Pain 


Here’s a list of the top exercises to throw into your lower back strengthening workout.

  1. Single leg and bent knee crunch
  2. Feet elevated crunch
  3. Superman’s Crunch
  4. Alternate superman’s crunch
  5. Bird dogs
  6. Trap Bar Deadlift
  7. Stiff-legged Deadlift
  8. Front Squat
  9. Weighted Decline Setup
  10. Body Saw

Pro Training Tips:

Pro Tip #1 – The focus of back exercises is to strengthen your core. Everything from your abdominal region to your obliques and rectal spinae. When strengthening your lower back, it’s important to identify these muscles. You ought to pay attention to them for the most gain.

Pro Tip #2 – For beginners, start small and build upon each workout. Please do not jump right into the advanced lower back strengthening exercises. You could hurt yourself in the process.

Pro Tip #3 – Make sure to adjust the weight when you feel like your form is getting compromised. I recommend taking some weight off  to correct your form. You can always hop back on the fitness train.

Pro Tip #4 – Make sure to separate these exercises into different lower back workouts. DO NOT put all the exercises in one program. That would do more harm than good.

Pro Tip #5 – Stretching is great for back pain. You can check my past youtube videos on the best stretches for eliminating lower and upper back pain. I’m sure you will pick up some helpful tips.

Alrighty, let’s get to it!


Exercise #1: Single leg and bent knee crunch


Lay on a mat or the floor with your back on the ground.

Stretch one leg forward and bend the other at the knee.

Continue with your crunch as usual.

Alter your legs after each rep.


Exercise #2: Feet elevated crunch


Get a bench or a box to help you elevate your legs.

Drape your legs over the top, while laying on the floor.

Continue with your crunches as usual


Exercise #3: Superman’s Crunch


Lay completely flat on your stomach. You can use the floor or a mat.

With your legs and arms stretched, lift your hands and thighs away from the ground level.


Exercise #4: Alternate superman’s crunch


Assume the same position as with the superman’s crunch.

But this time, alternate your hand and leg one at a time.

And instead of lifting your entire upper and lower body, try lifting one hand and the opposite leg at the same time.


Exercise #5: Bird dogs


Start on all fours with both your knees and palms on the floor.

Lift and stretch one arm and the opposite side leg at the same time.

Once extended, lower your arm and leg back to the floor.

Now perform the same movement with the opposite side.


Advanced Exercises for Strengthening Lower Back

Exercise #6: Trap Bar Deadlift

A barbell can substitute for a trap bar.


While keeping your back straight and head forward, lift the trap bar until standing tall.

Go back down and repeat the process.


Exercise #7: Stiff-legged Deadlift

For this lower back strengthening exercise, hook a band around your waist and tie it to a post.


While lifting a barbell, assume a standing position.

Now, bending your body to a 90 degree angle without allowing the barbell to touch the ground.

Be sure to push your butt back as you fall forward.

And back up to a standing position to complete the full range of motion.


Exercise #8: Front Squat

For this lower back strengthening exercise, you can use either a front or cross grip.


Start with a good grip on the barbell while lifting it up to your shoulders.

While keeping your shoulders high place the barbell on top of your shoulders.

Start to squat as if you’re about to have a seat on a chair behind.

And lift back up while pushing through the heels to keep the resitance isolated on your thighs.

Make sure to keep your back straight and tall through the entire movement.


Exercise #9: Weighted Decline Setup

There are two ways to perform this lower back strengthening exercise.

Method A:

Lay on a decline bench with your legs on the higher side and your head closer to the ground.

Try pulling yourself up to a sitting position. If this exercise is easy for you, make it more advanced by adding weight such as a dumbbell or plate weight.

With both the dumbbell and plate weight, hold it high above your head towards the sky as you sit up.

Come down nice and slow back to the starting position to complete the exercise.

Method B:

This time, hold the weight in one hand while sitting up.

Make sure to switch hands after each rep.


Exercise #10: Body Saw

You can use sliders, socks on a hard-wood floor or even paper plates on carpet to perform this exercise.


Get into a plank position with the sliders under your feet, elbows on the floor and legs entended.

Shift your body forward and back to starting position to complete the exercise.

DO NOT shift your body towards your feet as this could hurt your back.



That is the top list of exercises to throw into your lower back strengthening workout.

If you ever need help with hitting your fitness goals, make sure to reach out.

Remember you do not have to go after them alone.

Until next time, stay fit and motivated!