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chest and triceps workout
Killer Chest and Triceps Workout

There are numerous chest and triceps routines available. These are the most effective. How do I know I’m so certain? Because this program is designed to cover every variable you’ll ever need to know, and then some. A chest and tricep training regimen can be written by anyone. You perform some bench press, push-ups, and triceps pushdowns, and you’re set

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5 Minute Workout for Abs Get Shredded for Spring No Equipment

Looking for a quick 5 minute workout to get 6 pack abs? I got you! The chiseled look of six-pack abdominal muscles appeals to many individuals, but not everyone can afford costly training equipment or a gym membership. Fortunately, there are a range of equipment-free stomach exercises that rely on gravity and your own body for resistance. To obtain the

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10 Killer Dumbbell Bicep Curls to Blow Up Your Biceps

Do you want to get bigger arms with a dumbbell bicep curls workout? Though your arms house your triceps and forearms, most males prefer to work on their biceps first. While those other arm muscles are important for a fantastic overall physique, you can’t necessarily target one location in particular. Instead, you can focus on your muscles to get the

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dumbbell forearm workout
10 Killer Dumbbell Forearm Workout

Have you been working on your arms and finding it difficult to stay motivated since your forearms aren’t looking the way you want them to? Not only that, but they’re not as powerful as you’d like? Don’t worry, I’ve got the perfect dumbbell forearm workout routine for you that will not only give you attractive forearms but will also help

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back and bicep workout, back workout, bicep workout
Killer Back and Bicep Workout

Are you looking for a back and bicep workout to build muscles? Doing the back and biceps workout together is one of the common bodybuilding strategies because both are “pulling” groups of muscles and work together to perform different exercises. Let’s bring everything together by laying out an effective workout plan that you can follow and do at home or

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strength workout thumbnail
Why a 30 Minute Strength Training Program is Best

Guess what, today we got a great episode. I’m going to be sharing with you why a 30 minutes strength-based training program is the best. We have talked about so many different things in this channel, and why a 30 minutes strength-based training program. Your body only has so much good at a peak level. Your ATP and CP pathways,

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How To Go From FAT To FIT In 30 Days Secrets Revealed
How To Go From FAT To FIT In 30 Days Secrets Revealed

What’s up my fitness family! Brent Kasmer here with BK PT, Brent Kasmer Personal Training. I’m gonna be teaching you today, fat to fit. Alright, so it’s a very touchy subject because no one wants to become fat, or no must be called fat. But it is a word. And guess what sticks and stones may break my bones, but

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