Hey, you ready to get a 7-figure body to match your 7-figure business?

In our new signature course, 7-Figure Body Blueprint, we walk you through the formula that countless high-achievers are using to finally get a 7-figure body fast and consistently on autopilot.
Let’s break up with the “I’m too busy” routine, shall we?
We see you.

You’re sick of feeling tired, out of shape and old!

You’re tired of being STUCK “yo-yo’ing” year after year, only to gain more weight after each next best exercise routine or fad diet.

And you know that if you could just find a way to…

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you’d finally be able to get a 7-figure body fast and be more successful with your business, family and your life, just like Bunnie:

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Bunnie Todd review

Don’t get me wrong…

I am sure hours of endless cardio and the latest,
greatest fad diet feels like it may be working right now.

But don’t you think the amount of time and energy you have to give
to exercise and your diet is overwhelming and stressful??

Something’s got to give. Especially when there’s a faster,
easier way to get a 7-figure body! 

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How much time are you spending:
This is NOT how you should be spending your time.
You should be spending your time automating your fitness and nutrition, so you can continue scaling your business and enjoying your family!
But Let’s Be Real
Your hours of cardio, group fitness classes or restrictive fad diets Has NEVER Been Sustainable for You, Has It?
You should be spending your time automating your fitness and nutrition, so you can continue scaling your business and enjoying your family!
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Sound about right?

We’ve helped so many others like you to not just lose weight,
but to get results they never thought possible. 

Lisa harris
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What if I Told You There IS a Way to Get a 7-Figure Body Fast — And That It Just Requires our 3-Step Food and Fitness Formula that no other fitness guru is teaching you!

Look, there are two types of high-achievers trying to lose weight…

Type #1 bounces from
gym to gym,
group class to group class,
fad diet to fad diet,
pill to pill…

searching for an easier way to lose weight,
drop body fat
and get results
without a lot of time and energy.

But, despite their efforts, the weight keeps packing on,
the sizes keep going up and the confidence keeps going down.

And instead of sticking with it,
they take time off figuring the lack of results
is not worth the effort and I’ve failed yet another program.

Why does this happen?

Because the fitness world is full of “fads” that promise you fast solutions,
but deliver short term results.

And the weight typically lost, is muscle weight…
not fat

so you burn less calories when the program ends
leading you to gain more weight than what was lost.

Unfortunately, you don’t know what you don’t know
and the industry is making millions off of you for it.

But let’s talk about Type #2:

They’re getting consistent long-lasting results
week after week, month after month

They’re dropping body fat and pant sizes

They’re following an easy meal plan with lots of variety

They only workout 3 times per week for only 30 mins and enjoy every minute of it

They order their groceries online in seconds

They systemize their menu so meals can be done in less than 15 mins

They gain confidence

They become more focused and productive

They enjoy life because they can be and do so much more
and are proud of the person they’ve become

Still, the question is…. 

Why are most people stuck being Type #1
because they haven’t learned our methods for getting a 7-figure body fast
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Hey, We’re Jennifer & Brent Kasmer, owners of Fitbosses
And we’ve been helping high-achievers get a 7-figure body fast in just a few hours weekly for over
Brianne Davis
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Keisha Witherspoon
Keisha s 5 Star Review
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After helping thousands of busy entrepreneurs much like myself to not only lose weight and drop body fat, but to keep the weight off while maintaining a busy lifestyle filled with two kids, changing school schedules, lots of after school activities all while maintaining a scaling business…
EXACTLY what you’re going through now, I finally cracked the code.

Brent and I get it! Me personally was just like you…
I was cardio crazed…
diet deprived…
tried gym memberships,
friends for accountability,
Zumba, bootcamp, dance fitness,
pill after pill,
and I always was left disappointed, feeling like a failure
and quit with little to no results
for lots of time, energy and effort…
And this was for the first 30 years of my life.

One day, I decided that doing the same thing over and over and over again…
just didn’t make sense.

SO I decided to zip my lips, listen to Brent
and follow his strength based training routines

And I was so glad that I did…
I lost 15 lbs the first month.

And once I paired it with eating right…
I lost an additional 50.

All together, I lost 65 lbs right and have never looked back!

It hasn’t always been easy though!
When I got married, life got very busy!

We opened a business and had our first child within the first two years!

So obviously, I had to learn time-saving solutions to keep it off
and those solutions paired with our training methods
are the ones we use today and have helped thousands before you
to get the body they’ve always wanted!
ALL the same time-saving solutions we now teach in… 

Our 7-Figure Body Blueprint

0 7 Figure Body Blueprint
7-Figure Body Blueprint is designed to help YOU:

How Will Our 7-Figure Body Blueprint Help You?
It Walks You Step by Step How to Set Your Food and Fitness on Autopilot

Here’s what you’ll get:
1 Shift Your State Shift Your Weight
Module 1: Only Chaos Comes from Emotional Reactions
This module will help you to “Shift Your State to Shift Your Weight”. Most programs teach the wrong principles to lose weight and drop inches. They increase your belief that you have to do more and work harder. But when each program ends and you gain the weight back, the program has you feeling like you failed. This module we shift your state, which in turn will shift your weight with just a few easy to learn fundamentals which will have you understanding that less really can be more with the right mindset and strategies.
2 Goal Setting
Module 2: Using the Right Resources Will Get You the Best Results

Most trying to lose weight start with an “idea” to lose weight. They have no idea how much they need to lose, they want to lose… and most time they down play numbers for fear of failure…
This module teaches you how to “Gear Up Your Goal Setting” by reverse engineering your numbers using the SMART goal setting system to make a 30-day, 90-day and 6-month goals to keep you on track. Once a goal has been made, it’s impossible to not hit it! This allows you to keep yourself on track so you’re always pushing forward towards your goal and not allowing yourself to get lax and quit.

3 Ignite Meal Planning
Module 3: Complication is Overrated
We show you an easy to follow meal planning system to lose weight consistently, despite not being on some crazy, restrictive fad diet. This system allows you to still eat when out to dinner with friends, when traveling on a plane or by car. And as a bonus you can still totally enjoy what you’re eating, especially when the results are so amazing! This program even shows you how to automate your grocery shopping, meal planning and prep, so that the results become permanent and the results are maintainable!  😂💪
4 Accelerate Pt Method
Module 4: If You’re Not Cattle, You Shouldn’t be Herded
This module teaches you compound exercise movements that can be easily learned and intermixed into your workout. The workouts take 30 minutes and only need to be done 3 times weekly. High-intensity interval movements are included to elevate your heart rate,
5 Lifestyle Hacks for Permanent Results
Module 5: Play it Like a Game of Chess
I didn’t lose 50 lbs and relose 20 lbs twice over after both children were born to not learn a few tricks and hacks along the way. Every year we get busier and older, so we have to be more strategic about how to get our fitness and nutrition in without having it add time to our already busy schedule! We teach you how to be flexible with your lifestyle changes to stay consistent and be able to still keep yourself accountable torwards your goals without it interrupting your social life or adding stress.
The main modules alone are EASILY worth $5,000 considering people who take the steps lose 10-15 lbs within just their first month, but there’s more…
Bonus #1: 90-Minute Meal Prep Hacks
Learn how to meal prep like a professional. In less then 90 minutes, you can prep all your meals for the week with just these few hacks.
Jennifer Delavega review
Bonus #2: Restaurant Eating Out Guide
Make your friends jealous being able to eat out and socialize with friends while still losing weight. Knowing these tricks will allow you spend time with friends and dining out without anyone knowing you’re dieting.
Kathy Hadley s 5 Star Review
Bonus #4: Advanced All-in-One Personal Training App
This all-in-one app provides direct access to Charlotte’s Best of the Best Personal Trainer for the past 8 years. Using his 20+ years of experience, he customizes your programming based on your fitness level, previous injuries/ailments, and goals. The app itself contains powerful accountability tracking for exercise modifications, swaps, increased motivation, and progressions.
Tina s 5 Star Review
Bonus #5: Insider Access to Ongoing Coaching & Support
Get support from others that have struggled or are struggling with similar fitness and nutrition problems. Be continuously motivated to progress by ongoing challenges throughout the year to keep you on track.
John s 5 Star Review
Bonus #6: Supplementation Secrets
This module shares with you the insider secrets to supplementation. This is to ensure you take what is necessary and to disregard what is not. Knowing these simple secrets will help you to enhance and increase your results and not overwhelm you with too many options.
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But This ALL Goes Away Very, Very Soon!
And here’s the thing…

Everything in 7-Figure Body Blueprint is incredibly powerful when you put it to use.

But what happens if you skip out on this opportunity?

Where will you be for Spring Break or your next vacation?
Where will you be for your next date night?
Where will you be for the summer?
Next year?
Three years from now?

Still spending a lot of time doing endless hours of cardio…
starving to death on the next fad diet…
and still struggling to lose the same weight over and over again
only to continuously increase in pant sizes? 

And what happens if you do take advantage of this limited time steal on our 7-Figure Body Blueprint?

Most likely, the same thing that’s happened with so many of our other students:
What would this kind of experience be worth to you:

I ask because our 7-Figure Body Blueprint is designed to get you exactly that, and you start seeing results within the first few days you start taking action!

Now, we help our clients with losing weight and getting in shape a few different ways:

Our face to face clients are paying 5 figures for us
to help them implement the methods you learn in this program.

Our online app based clients are paying $5,000+
to get advice from us on a personal level.

And normally, this program is priced at $997.

But, because this is our first launch AND we’re wanting to collect lots of before-afters
and testimonials from you guys like with our face to face
(over 500+ 5 star reviews to be exact) you get LIFETIME access to this for… 

Only $297!
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See What Our Other Clients Have Had to Say…

Robbie Smith

“I like the accountability reporting. If everybody says they’ll be here in 6 o’clock, they’ll be here in 6 o’clock. Everybody here is very encouraging. They are in a sense contemporaries of mine. We’re on the same age, we have the same challenges in life. They all have bumps and bruises on their body, I can relate to all these people and they become my good friends.”

Maria Phillips

“A great result. The fact that the money and time are worth the effort. It’s easier when you have somebody dedicated, helping you, guiding you and working with you to reach your goals.

Maria Stone

“This place is so much more than a place to work out. It’s the best way to start my day which keeps me powered (physically and mentally) for the whole day through. You’re really missing out if you don’t at least give it a try.”

Romin Shah

“I found out that in my life, I found more balance. I always believe in mind, body & spirit are always big part of that. I think with Everlasting Changes, I have able to have more balance and more activities in my life.”

Chance Kennedy

“I definitely recommend Everlasting Changes. The environment here is wonderful, very high energy, wonderful people. Everybody talks to each other, stuff like that. A very friendly environment and money wise, it’s worth it. You want the changes, that’s something they can give.”

Ashley Brown

“Great atmosphere with lasting result! I love the variety of daily workouts and there is something for everyone! Even though I do semi-private workouts I still feel that I’m getting personal one on one training! Going to Everlasting Changes has become a way of life for me!”
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Jen Delavega

“Best workouts EVER & best trainers ALWAYS! You can’t get a better or more comfortable environment to get healthy and stay healthy. I am forever grateful for the staff and fellow teammates at everlasting changes. They are like my second family!

Chandra Kennedy

“My husband introduced me to Everlasting Changes a few years ago and I absolutely loved it! The owners Brent and Jennifer Kasmer and their team of trainers have always had my best interest at heart and have always made me feel welcomed. I couldn’t have asked for a better place!”

Brenna Kolumba

“I have been with Everlasting Changes for about 6 months now. Best decision I have ever made. It’s an amazing atmosphere. Very welcoming for all fitness levels. When I started, I could barely go up a flight of stairs. I am now down 50 pounds and feeling better than ever.”

Bunnie Todd

“Brent Kasmer’s training system is unique and delivers! Your workout efforts will not be wasted at Everlasting Changes.”

Jack McGuire

“From the first day at Everlasting Changes you could feel that it was a great atmosphere that would bring out the best in you. Every single trainer that I have worked with on this 6 week challenge has showed that they are not only there for a job but they also care about you as a person. I have been to tons of gyms over the course of my life and I have never been to a better place.”

Elizabeth Anderson

“The workout is challenging and you are pushed to your maximum. The trainers are enthusiastic.If you want to challenge minutes worth it.”
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